So you've fitted the megasquirt ECU, wired it up and now you need to download the MS files (look HERE). The following relates mostly to my own setup which uses a V3 board, MS1 running MSNS-e using a distributor signal. The latest version of software is constantly being updated, this is Megatune 2.25b514 and Extra code 024s13. Newer versions have slightly different features, tables etc.
Don't get carried away with fuel and spark maps yet - get it started and idling first. The following figures will get you started and running. I have included 8v maps, 16v maps are slightly different! Don't think you can just enter these figures and start doing quarters at Santa Pod, it is very important to understand what it all means and how different values will affect your engine, the MS forums offer all the help and advice you will need, after all no-one wants a melted piston.
With your laptop plugged in, check that you see CONNECTED bottom right and something on the gauges. If they are all in red and nothing showing STOP and fix your communication problem.

Set the required fuel, the Golf Gti digifant injector flow is 180cc/min (Bosch injectors)

And the constants

Make sure Exhaust Gas Settings look something like this

Cranking settings

After start enrichment

Warmup wizard

And spark settings - CHECK trigger angle!

That is the basic settings done, now for spark and fuel maps - the spark map is safe to use with 97RON fuel, if using lower octane adjust these settings!

There are still a lot of other settings to work out but these should have the car running. The above WILL NOT suit every car, the conversion was done on an engine with 150,000 miles that was internally standard and feeling a little tired. Always refer to the MS site regarding setting up - as you will have discovered it's full of information.

To set you distributor
First, in Megatune in the Codebase and outputs function, set LED18 to "irq trigger" and send to ECU.
1) Set the crank to TDC
2) Turn the distributor (opposite direction) just until middle LED turns OFF (sets the crank angle)
3) Make sure the rotor arm points towards the correct contact in the distributor cap
4) Tighten the distributor
5) Turn engine backwards until middle LED turns ON (should be almost immediately) and continue turning until it turns OFF again
6) Measure angle BTDC (+/- 10 degrees is good enough)
7) Enter measured angle in "Trigger angle"
8) Enter "Fixed angle" to 10 degrees
9) Start the engine
10) Adjust "Trigger angle" until the timing light is at 10 degrees
11) Set "Fixed angle" to -10
12) Start tuning

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