On the dyno

The chance of a free rolling road session on a Dyno Dynamics dynamometer should never be turned down.... I'd been tuning with the Innovate wideband oxygen sensor for about a week beforehand. When we put the car on the rollers it produced 110bhp. With an experienced tuner on hand it only managed a maximum of 112.8bhp and 130lbft of torque. It shows that with some attention you can tune to 95% on the road but it was a LOT easier on the dyno, we could have done the complete fuel and spark maps in a couple of hours, not the months of continuous fettling I had been doing.....

rice pudding - consider
  yourself skinned

Due to the limited time I had on the rolling road (it was free after all..) I didn't have time to fully tune the maps. On the following graph which shows the air/fuel ratio you can see between 2800 - 4500rpm and 5200 - 6200rpm the car is running too rich. More work in these areas could produce a little more power and perhaps reduce the drop off in power at the top end.

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