With the k03 sport turbo now fitted & tuned I took it for a dyno session at Marlinmotors using their Maha dyno, thanks to the v8forum.co.uk for organising the day. We had some issues getting traction when it came on boost but a bloke sat on the car seemed to do the trick!

I have had an issue with boost pressure dropping off and tried a couple of pressure valves on the wastegate to cure it. I need to do it properly with either an electronic boost controller or a valve set to around 14psi. However I still made an impressive 197bhp and 220lb/ft of torque.

The datalog and the graph above both show the boost level drop off from 200kpa to around 170kpa. The datalog also shows a high intake temperature - 63 degrees celcius. I don't normally see temps this high on the road so its probably due to the slow ramp rate of the dyno. With the boost fixed and a better cold air intake I should see a useful increase in power. Using Eric's calculator adjusting the boost pressure to 14psi took power to 216bhp and reducing the temps to 45 degrees took it to 222bhp.

UPDATE. Since fitting the boost controller it has been on the dyno again, thanks go to the clubgti forum. Max power didn't increase by much, now 201bhp. However torque is now a healthy 240 ft/lb. The low increase in power is mainly due to the k03s turbo which can't maintain over a bar of boost at high rpm, overall its a good result and a tweak of the afr may help as it was a bit wobbly.

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