I am using megatune version 029y4. The settings are for a standard AGU engine running a K03 turbo, Ford wasted spark coil & safe for use with 95 RON fuel.I take no responsibility for problems caused by using these settings on your engine - the following should be used as a guide only!!


Cranking settings:

Spark settings:


Trigger wheel:

Code type:

Spark table:

VE table:

Acceleration wizard:

After start enrichment:

NOTES: When running 98 RON fuel I could wind the turbo boost up to c. 13psi (190kpa abs.). But you can see the spark advance dipped to almost 0 degrees at around 3500 rpm - any more advance and it pinked. When using 95 fuel I had to reduce the boost level to compensate - down to c. 8psi (155kpa abs.). The air intake temperature always seemed steady, usually when you wind the boost up out of the turbo's efficiency range the intake air gets very hot.

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