Shopping List

Due to the many different ways you can do the swap there are also many choices of the parts you will need. For example if you use the standard ECU and wiring you will not need a different coil or HT leads, if you stick to the Mk2 gearbox you won't need the gearlinkage, starter motor etc. This is a list of parts I used & is only intended as a guide although I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible.

Engine inc. all ancillaries (turbo, alternator, wiring etc.) - AGU
New belts, filters etc for the engine
Air filter & intake pipework - aftermarket
Gearbox inc. complete linkage assembly - Mk3 Gti 'box & Mk4 linkage
Clutch & flywheel - Mk3 Golf Gti
Radiator fan - aftermarket 11" slimline
Coil & HT leads - Ford edis coil & custom leads
Starter motor & bolts - Mk3 Gti
Intercooler & pipework -
Engine mounts
ECU - megasquirt
Exhaust downpipe - custom & reducer to fit to system
M10x1 oil sensor adaptor
Coolant hose joiners
Accelerator cable - Mk2 Golf 1.3
Heatsheilding - aftermarket
Fuel hose
Clutch control - hydraulic pedalbox parts, cylinders & pipe
Coolant 't' piece
Wiring for ECU, coil, fan wiring etc.

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